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March 11th: ExtDN Open Chat on Magento extensibility

The landscape of Magento is changing – step by step. Microservices are being introduced (ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ). Alternative frontends like Hyva Themes, Magento PWA Studio and Vue Storefront are taking over – the keyword being “headless”, where any frontend could connect to the Magento backend system by using GraphQL. But where do Magento extensions stand, amidst all of this change? Would you still be able to enable some kind of turn-key […]

Yireo: Join our ExtDN Open Chat (March 11th)

The worlds current lockdown prevents us from attending conferences, while there is actually so much to debate in the current Magento ecosystem. ExtDN comes to the rescue by organizing regular meetups for anyone to attend. The first session – March 11th – will be focused upon the future of Magento extensibility. Make sure to join us! Read the full article on

New EXTDN tools announced in jetrails’ podcast ep.50

In 2019 ExtDN published Do and Dont’s of Magento Extension development to help vendors reach the highest quality standards. Our vision is that merchants can easily find trusted extensions the provide a great experience and our mission is to help push the whole ecosystem in that direction. Today we are proud to launch tools to help you reach quality code standards and took the opportunity of one of our member’s […]

ExtDN Github actions for Magento 2

We are happy to announce that we have started releasing some open source tools that can be easily embedded in any Magento 2 extension development process using Github Actions.

Read the full explanation here.

Collab between two ExtDN members: OneStepCheckout and TIG.

We are excited to share the success story of a Magento merchant’s migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This includes great collaboration between two members of ExtDN: OneStepCheckout and TIG.

Indeed, TIG PostNL extension and OneStepCheckout versions for Magento 2 presented conflicts. Both companies being part of our network helped with open and timely communication, and that was key toward finding a win win win solution, putting the merchant first.

Read Ergomax migration to Magento 2 Case Study here.

ExtDN at Magento Live EU 2019

The biggest Magento conference in Europe is just around the corner, happening on the 22-23rd of October in Amsterdam. Lots of ExtDN members will be present as well – read here on who is going and what they are most looking forward to.

ExtDN at MeetMagento Netherlands

On Thursday, April 18th, MeetMagento Netherlands takes place in The Hague. Various of our ExtDN members are going over there, to talk about extension quality, security and PWA. Join them at our ExtDN booth and let’s improve this ecosystem.
Go to MeetMagento NL

Fooman: ExtDN Back Story

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Yireo: What breaks when upgrading to Magento 2.3?

Magento 2.3.0 is out. And I’ve heard from many developers that they are not sure if they want to upgrade to this new version, even though it brings so many cool new features. Here is my personal view on what kind of things might cause issues when you upgrade to Magento 2.3. Hopefully, it helps you decide how (and when) to benefit from this great new release anyway.

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Yireo: Is Magento PWA ready yet?

We get this question a lot, so thought it would be a good idea to write something down. While people often ask it as a yes/no question, the answer is not straightforward. Not because of PWA, but because the question is wrong. Or if you are too lazy to read: PWA is ready … but first, you need to learn how to start.

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OneStepCheckout: Why we joined ExtDN

As we celebrated the first birthday of OneStepCheckout for Magento 2, more than ever we felt the need to educate the whole ecosystem about coding standards so that all solutions can. together, benefits merchants running on the Magento 2 platform.

Read more on OneStepCheckout 

Yireo: Do use composer

With ExtDN, we feel the urge that code quality of Magento extensions should be improved. So we sat down and carefully phrased 8 hints for creating proper Magento 2 extensions: The DOs for Magento extension development. Here is a discussion of the first point: To use composer.

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Yireo: ExtDN goes Meet Magento Poland

For some time now, Yireo is part of a network of Magento Extension Providers – ExtDN – which works to increase the quality level of Magento extensions. And I’m happy to announce that ExtDN is going to MeetMagento Poland this September.

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Fooman: Extension Interoperability – Imagine DevExchange Recap

As part of ExtDN (the Magento Extension Developers Network) we kicked off two initiatives at this year’s Imagine: Extension quality and extension interoperability.

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