Thanks for your interest in joining forces. Did you know you can support our initiatives on extension quality and extension interoperability, thus improve the Magento community, without becoming a member here . If you would like to become a member and help us  shape the future of ExtDN together fill in the form using the join link below. We’ll get back to you within two weeks after application.

What we are looking for?

Slowly ExtDN becomes known to the public as a group of solid extension providers. To live up to this expectation, we require members to deliver excellent extensions with good support, quality code and mindful operations. Each member in the ExtDN group is pro-active, innovative in a specific field and willing to work voluntarily to push the ExtDN initiative forward.

A note on the procedure

Please note that the application form might seem a bit overwhelming, but this is intentional. ExtDN is quickly becoming a league of extension providers that hold high standards for quality. This means that we need to be careful about growing too quickly. This application form is a first but essential step in becoming a member. We hope you can put an adequate amount of time into it.

“Stop Complaining, Start Contributing!” – Jisse Reitsma (ExtDN member)